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We are 75% to completion. ​

Help us get to our final cut by becoming a

one-time funder or

monthly sponsor. 

Our funding plan relies on two sources:



FUNDERS can make tax-deductible contributions to this project through our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas. To date, we have close to 500 funders who believe in the potential impact of a story like ours.

INVESTORS can partner with us to make larger contributions via traditional film financing. Interested in becoming an investor? Contact us.

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From May-July 2023 we raised over $60k from nearly 500 Inner Circle Funders through our very first crowdfunding campaign.

These funds allowed us to continue shooting with our full crew to complete coverage of our subjects' stories.

We are now in Post-Production, working toward completing the film by Spring of 2025. We are seeking funds to close our budget gap of $300k to bring us through to final cut, release and distribution.

THANK YOU to everyone who continues to donate, share, and support us on this journey. We are so close...and can't wait to share this film with you all.

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