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Our Guys Sample Reel

Our Guys Sample Reel

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When we release the film, we plan to screen it nationwide as part of a social impact campaign. At screening events in different parts of the US and abroad, we want to share short documentaries highlighting "the next generation" -  so that we can bridge families raising younger children now to our story. We'd like our film to be a catalyst for community awareness, thoughtful discussions and solution-finding endeavors exploring not just what has changed in the last fifty years, but what work still needs to be done to build a more inclusive world for people with Down syndrome, autism, neurodivergence, and to support caregivers in the disabilities community and beyond.


We began our journey making this film in the winter of 2019. Our production plans launched right as Covid-19 came on the scene, disrupting the production process and the lives of our subjects. We approached filming slowly, relying on iPhones and phone interviews. Our first official shoot with a full crew was in the summer of 2021.  Our first goal was to create a "funding sample" to share with our families and our potential backers. What you see here is that sample. It's just a basic introduction to the stories we share in the feature-length documentary. It reflects the footage we obtained up to that point in our process. With the help of nearly 500 Inner Circle Funders, we raised the funds to return with a full crew in July of 2023. We currently have a majority of the footage we need to tell our story. We are working hard to get to a final cut within the next 12-18 months. Now in post-production, we are raising funds and seeking investor partners interested in helping us close this gap and complete this film. Our next goal is to raise the needed funds to bring on a full-time editor to integrate all the footage. We also need production funds to continue the ongoing filming of each family's plan for their adult children's futures, and fill in the necessary elements for our full story. Our goal has always been to create a film that will raise awareness of the experiences and ongoing challenges of caregivers. We want this film to be a resource for families who are navigating this path now.

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