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About the film

Maria lunch
Special Needs Class in the 70s
Taffy and Jeff at meeting
Peter and Anna in pool
Wilma at meeting
Norma at meeting
Child Jay Peter and Friends Winter
Karen and Tommy
Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 9.38.50 PM
Matt Grassey on floor
Mothers in Classroom_1982
Maria and Taffy hug kiss
Norma and Matt arrival
Michael with moms at Mill Wharf_kiss
Mother's Group Event Outside_1987

For the last 50 years, a group of Massachusetts mothers has held a unique and important collective memory of what it's meant to raise children with Down syndrome, autism, and neurodiversity from infancy to adulthood.

OUR GUYS is a feature documentary produced by Jen Plante Johnson, the daughter of one of the founding members of the mothers' group. She and Emmy-award winning director Sandi Johnson have spent the last five years diving deep into the lives of these pioneering women, sharing a lifetime of wisdom, humor, and a relentless solution-finding spirit.


Their stories are candid, bravely vulnerable, and sometimes hilarious. Together, they paint a "no-nonsense", vivid picture of friendship, advocacy, humor, and hope that has guided them on their remarkable journey breaking down barriers to pave a path of dignity and independence for their children and others over the last five decades.


Now in their '70s and '80s, the founding members of this mothers' group open their hearts and lives on camera, offering an intimate look at their enduring, hands-on role as forever caregivers. They now face the poignant challenge of planning for their children's futures to ensure they continue living their best lives after their mothers are gone.

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